Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Group Tutorial Prep

What is Industrial experience?
Having the opportunity to experience how the professional industry works.
Working closely with clients and other professional designers.
Working on live briefs, having to consider timescale, budgets and certain requests from the client.

Given direct instructions on a brief.
Experiencing being a part of the whole design process, from ideas to finished product, being very much at hand with the clients ideas.

What can you learn from industrial experience?
What I want to learn from industrial experience is if there is a particular working environment that I am best suited to work in.
Gain advice and meet people that will help me move from uni into the industry.
Industry standard skills and techniques
Improved teamwork and communication skills, as you will be dealing with multiple clients, printers, stockists and other designers

What form/format could industrial experience take?
Studio based.
Exhibitions and galleries.
Print companies and manufacturers.
Design agencies of various sizes.

What areas of industry are you interested in?
Type and layout.
I have also taken a recent interest into branding and identity, this is something I will look further into to see whether or not I enjoy this aspect of design.
Print both digital and screen.

What are your concerns about industrial experience?

My main concern is that will I be up to the standard of what is out there and can I cope with what is expected of me. 
Being unprepared.

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