Saturday, 19 March 2011

Studio Newwork

Studio Newwork
As I am interested in editorial and layout design I found a couple of spreads while browsing and decided to look further into the magazine. Newwork magazine is a large format arts publication, which is published biannually by studio Newwork. The magazine features work from a wide range of artists and creators in the world of fine art, design, high fashion, culture and politics.
Other pieces of work from Studio Newwork.
Again Studio Newwork produce some interesting and appealing prints, through a range of different formats such as magazines, books and mail outs. The work produced includes areas that I am particularly interested in such as branding, layout/publication and typography. Something that I am also interested in is print and how various methods can be used to create interesting designs. One area I would like to develop further, feel that I lack much needed knowledge is print processes which is something that I want to expand on. I often feel that this is something that limits my designs not having a full understanding of the various processes needed.

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