Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Enterprise Evaluation

Throughout the course of this module I feel that I have learnt a lot about enterprise and the basic principles of how to set up and run a successful business. Before the module I had very limited knowledge on how to go about structuring a functioning business. I think that having the information from the lectures and the tasks will allow me to go on and potentially set up a business if I so wished as before hand I wouldn't have thought about doing so.

For the group presentation we planned to each take a specific area and bring the information that we had gathered and communicate at the group meetings how that was going. As a collective we found this difficult due to fact that each one of the area relied on the other areas to be researched equally as they often overlapped. I feel that I did my share of the work within the group and extra along with others to make up for others that were lacking in quality and quantity of work. 

The presentation was ok and we had run through it a few times. I thought that I presented to the best of my ability for what information that I had along with the others in my group. I think that it could have been more in depth which would have bolstered the content and would have given other members more to talk about and elaborate on. 

In the process of the lectures and collaborating in a group to create a design studio it has made me realise how much time and effort goes into starting up any business from scratch and what is needed in order to succeed. 

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