Thursday, 29 September 2011

Design Strategies

My design strategies presentation.

After receiving feedback from my design strategy presentation it got me thinking of what I need to clarify more. The issues that were raised were that there needs to be more clarity which looking at my umbrella statement it doesn't really give a clear indication to what my design practice is about. I have also come to realise that my focal point to my practice is layout with the focus on print and format but I also want to develop skills in web design as it is a really useful skill to have if I want to make a website for myself and it is something that I could potentially freelance in.

Other areas I am interested in is Branding, I made this my main focal point for the last project of the 2nd year and ended up really enjoying the whole process of creating a brand for a product range and then distributing that product. What I found within this project is generating the content such as the t-shirt designs which wasn't to enjoyable. This has made me think that I would like to work with fashion, textiles and bringing the creative arts together within publications, creating personal branding and look books for fashion, textile and artists.

Another point that as raised was the contextual research and contact with the industry. This was what I neglected in the 2nd year and it is something that I am going to get a grip on and develop along side my design practice.

I have got a lot out of doing this presentation and after speaking with Amber I have been able to clear out what I want from the briefs, these being;

What skill sets do I need in order to complete the brief to its full potential.
What are the specific audiences relating to the brief(s).

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