Monday, 23 November 2009

No News is good News: Message and delivery- Final Crit

From this crit the feedback on my mailing shot was very positive, I thought that my group liked my final solution for the project. The only issues raised were that on the envelopes the flaps on the back of the envelope covered the instructions. I went about solving this problem by assembling the the envelope with the back of the envelope on top of the flaps so that the instructions were clearly visible.

The other issue that was raised was that the supporting leaflet that I included in the envelope, when folded out had a large blank space on the reverse side. When designing the leaflet I came up with other suitable alternatives to the leaflet, but because of printing on stock I had to make it a limited size. On suggestion was to fold the leaflet differently so that the images were on one side of the fold and the text on the other. I took this into account and altered the rest leaflets.

Overall I was pleased with the outcome to the brief, I thought that it was quite hard to work with the 2 colours plus stock restriction. Using the yellow stock was something I hadn't tried before, I thought it turned out to reasonable standard but it lacked the quality I was looking for.

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