Sunday, 17 January 2010

Collection 100..Rational

Product & Promotion/Product & Packaging/ Product & Distribution. Why?
Product and Promotion.

Who is the audience and how do you intend to engage with them?
My main audience is Star Wars fans of all generations, as all six films have spanned over a 30 year period and appeal to so many different people.

What is the function of the product?- it is supposed to inform/ educate/ document/ entertain/ instruct? What has informed this decision?
The direction of my research has lead me to the merchandise and toy aspect of Star Wars, in particular the vehicles in the films and the expanded universe that the characters come to use and encounter. I would hope to categorise these in an affective way that will inform and entertain fans, showing the different types of vehicles that are out there.

How will the audience interact with the product?
I would like to keep my product as interactive as possible, maybe producing a short animation or print that Star Wars fans can relate to.

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