Friday, 21 January 2011

Task 3- How will I promote myself?

There are all sorts of ways that I can promote myself, here is a list of what I think are suitable ways:

Business cards
Creative CV

To promote myself I first need to find out what potential clients want to hear from me. Ideally the client would want to know if I had complete confidence in myself as a designer, that I am the right person for the job and have me on their team will help them.

As well as having a clear understanding of what a client wants to hear from me I should know what to say to them. I will need to be able to show clients what I have to offer, showcasing my skills and specialities. One of my main aims will have to be, grabbing their attention and maintaining it, this could be done with a memorable business card which could then include web addresses to my website and blog. Both the website and blog would be easily accessible, easy to navigate, so that the potential client can obtain all the relevant information needed to get into contact with me.

Potential clients can often need convincing a good way of doing this is gaining recommendations and testimonials from people that you have previously worked with/for. Showing any awards that you have won can be another asset to include to support your sales pitch. Another useful thing to include is an artist statement, this is something that shows potential clients what your short and long term aims are and with this they can more easily identify if you are right for them and vice versa.

Ideally I would like to have contact with a client(s) with a face to face chat so that I can get a clear understanding of what they want from me on a particular job. Building a constant dialogue is important between client and designer as the more informed either side is the more productive and the easier, more flexible each party can be. If this constant dialogue is there then this will reinforce the relationship with the client which can lead them to recommending you to other companies, opening up more business opportunities.  

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  1. very thorough responses but you had done these in our last meeting on 25th Jan- the other 3 need doing over Easter. see you tomorrow.x