Thursday, 20 January 2011

Task 2- Where are they and Where will they find me?

My clients can be located anywhere, potentially the clients will be situated around the studio that I would like to be working for. Ideally meeting clients face to face would be the best option possible as you can sit down and really talk about what they want from you and what you have to offer. If this isn't possible phone and then email are two other possible and necessary forms of communicating with the client.


Yorkshire Evening Post is a local news publication which is distributed within Leeds and surrounding areas.

P- More so than other publications the Yorkshire Evening Post will focus on the local politics in and around Leeds, emphasising on the positive and negative aspects of local government.
E- Leeds is a up and coming business city with new opportunities opening up all the time. Due to it being local and there is a limited expenditure the budget for the production will be less and the units produced and turnover time is the main focus.
S- The supplement has to be relevant to the local community which varies depending on the time of year, during term time it is mainly students while in the summer the main target audience would be the locals.
T- As technology is constantly changing and evolving, often this technology is expensive which will limit whether local businesses such as the Yorkshire Evening Post can afford such technologies.


The Guardian is a national newspaper 

P- The Guardian is a central-left newspaper which supported the political views of the Liberal Democrats during the recent elections. 
E+T- The newspaper is a wide selling national newspaper that has 290,000 papers in circulation every day. The paper has a high revenue, which allows it to spend on the design and production. As the newspaper can be produced in a low turn around producing high revenue, The Guardian has the money also to develop technologies in digital such as mobile platforms for the iphone and the ipad, designed to increase user interaction. With the evolution of the internet it has become easier for people to have access to the news, the Guardian is still able to sacrifice some of the content that could be in the newspaper for the website as there is not necessarily the best articles online as there is within the newspaper.
S- The Guardian takes into account who buys there newspaper, throughout the country and offers a respectable price for the content and quality of there newspaper.


Esquire Magazine is transnational as it has different branches throughout the world which are under the esquire banner but operate independently.

P- For the first time ever the magazine publicly endorsed the presidential candidate. 
E- Esquire has over 720,000 magazines in circulation, this allows them to focus on there printing and design of the magazine.
S- The magazine focuses massively on the social culture of the young business individuals and there lifestyles. Esquire focus most of there direction towards the constant changing trends in fashion and society.
T- As the magazine has been established since 1933, as technology has progressed so has the magazine to fit in with the new technologies. In 2009 esquire launched an online blog which is constantly updated by each of the editors from the magazine. 


Hunt studio, based in Melborne Australia specialising in many aspects of design that I am interested in. In particular they produce a magazine, The Process Journal which gives the latest insight into design all over the world. 

P- The journal has to cater for various political views of people, abiding by the international laws for printed publications. 
E- Hunt studios produce the publication Process Journal, which is a full colour CMYK print, they have the money to produce this publication like this as the clients are from all over the world. 
S- As magazines are very socially driven the publication is a showcase of different work from all over the world. They have to be aware of the constant changing trends of there specific target audience.
T- As there clients are situated all over the world keeping on top of new technologies such as mobile technologies and the various networking sites to keep there ideas fresh and current.

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