Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Task 1- Who am I and Who are they?

Possible Client groups that use graphic design in development, production, distribution, promotion and/or communication of the products or services:

Private Businesses (Branding)

Areas in graphic design which fit in with these client groups:

Branding/ Identity
Type design
Editorial/ layout

To identify my aims and ambitions clearer I am looking at editorial and layout design as I feel it is one area that I have a particular interest in.

What skills you have and how they relate to the needs of your client group, including professional and creative aims:

I feel that I have a range of skills that relate to the needs of the client groups. As a designer I am constantly learning new techniques, skills such as software (Illustrator, Indesign ect) and ways of solving problems to get the best possible solution. I think that it is key to have the ability to solve problems set by the client in order to be successful in my chosen field of design. Concepts, ideas are nothing without someone that can develop these into something that is digestible for the specific target audience, that some is me.

What is also important is being able to sell myself (product) and my work, if you are a good designer but cant sell yourself you are at a loss to the industry. Being competent, clear and concise to potential clients is a necessity in order to succeed. I want to build on how I approach and project myself to clients in order to sell myself well. A strong and selective portfolio will be important, to help get myself out there, I would want it to emulate who I am as a designer showcasing my skill and ability as a designer.
I feel that I have a clear understanding of typography and layout with the aim to develop this understanding further. As the industry gains new technologies such as new software and better hardware I think that I will need to adapt quickly for this in order to stay at the head of my competitors.  


It is important to understand from this exercise how I fit into within the industry, what they are looking for within me that I can provide there businesses. I will need to take into consideration how my creative input into the product will affect the target audience so that they will come back for more. I would like to identify over the next year and a half whether I am cut out for being a freelance or if I want to work within a design studio. How will I determine this? Go out and visit various agencies and studios to get a feel for what they are like, also talking to freelance graphic designers to see what they have to say.

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