Wednesday, 16 February 2011

OUGD202 Evaluation

The module has largely been about learning to get to grips with new software and a way of working that I am not hugely familiar with. Before this module the only experience of moving image and animation was limited and was centred around stop motion. Unlike other projects before using new software I had no knowledge of how to use the software, in comparison to previous briefs this meant that I had to take into account the limitation of my skills when making design decisions. I have gained some new skills in the software After effects, although they have come from nothing, there is still more that I feel I could learn. I feel that I didn't push the boundaries of what I could do within the time frame set for this brief, there are many aspects (cameras,3d perspective, various tools) that I only touched on which I could have looked into more detail, in affect potentially improving the resolutions.

In this module I felt that I was revisiting many of the key fundamentals of how to generate ideas and develop them in a systematic approach. I found that storyboard and similar methods were very useful when it came to transferring my ideas from paper to the computer. Also emphasising on the target audience, tone of voice and specific channel early on in the project allowed me to make quick and easy decisions and move on where as in the previous model I spent to much time on decided this which in affect lead to me falling behind.

Looking at this module I feel that I have made a lot of progress, from the silent movie brief to the final resolutions of the Top 10 brief, I have been able to capitalise on new skills and techniques learnt over the module and applied them to my work. The whole process of storyboarding and techniques such as screen grabs, that lead up to transferring the assets from this to being animated was what I considered to be my favourite part of the project. I found that once I got working on Indesign and what I had specified to do on my storyboards the process of putting the videos together was relatively simple.

From this whole module it has given me a clearer insight into what is required when designing for screen. In the future I can now use what knowledge I have in this area of design to consider that format, to increase or branch out in the range of products and how it can be used to promote and persuade and audience. This is increasingly important in this day and age, with the every growing digital society.

A fundamental part in my work needs that addressed, the organisation and structure of my blog, this became apparent in the progress tutorial, where it was hard to pinpoint the my design direction. Organising the blog more clearly will help others identity the process of how I work, execution and delivery. In the next module my aim alongside the module briefs is to present my work in a easier digestible, chronological order.

Throughout the module there have been a number of crits that I have been required to leave my work for pairs and groups of people to look at, the use of design boards, similar to the blog a clearer understanding of the direction I am going in. They are basically a very useful tool that I need to use more to act like if was there to explain what I was doing.

Another thing that I gained from the module and the top ten brief especially, is that identifying the target audience, channel and basic content helped speed up my design processes. This is applicable within other formats as I spend too much of my time not making decisions and then end up falling behind and rushing to finish a project. Within this brief I was able to identify the direction in which I was heading which allowed me to keep on top of my work.

Attendance: 5
Punctuality: 5
Motivation: 3
Commitment: 4
Quantity of work produced: 4
Quality of work produced: 3

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