Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Task 5- Proposed Position Statement

1. I want to work as part of a studio, within a creative team with designers with different skills and varied experience. Collaborating with various professionals, generating ideas and executing them to create design that is recognised within the creative networks.

2. Predominantly I am interested in type and editorial layout, with the direction towards magazines and publications. I think that this is the area of design that I am have the widest breadth of knowledge and I feel that I am strong at.

3. I would like to work freelance at some point, whether it be while I am in a studio or so many years after as a full time position.

4. Have a constantly growing portfolio of work that I can update throughout my career.

5. I would like to work in various places throughout the country including London, also working abroad is appealing to me, places like Australia and America for example.

6. Always be aiming to learn more, never be content and completely content.

7. Effectively brand and promote myself as a designer, communicating what work I do and what I am interested in to potential clients. Business cards and innovative ways to communicate to people who I am as a designer.

8. Continue to create work throughout my career that I am interested in aesthetically, even if it is designing for myself or for smaller clients.

9. As well as effectively branding myself I want to create and maintain a personal website even if I am working within a studio. I would like to keep an on going blog, which helps to inform others and invoke discussion about design that I like.

10. With the idea of working with editorial layout, ideally want to work with high end print and other media such as digital, potential producing slick but navigational websites.

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