Saturday, 30 April 2011

Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan as a studio:

Our aim is to become a well established creative studio with a large customer base which is profitable within three years or less.

A good way to break down how our studios marketing strategy is set out is the four p's, product, promotion, price and place.

Our product is the work we do, we are branding other businesses, creating what they need in order for them to succeed. Digital and print based promotional materials as well as the brand and logo itself.

We aim to keep the cost of self promotion down to as little as possible due to trying to make the most profit as possible to keep on track with our marketing plan. Essentials such as business cards, website, letterheads and mail-outs. 

To be as competitive as possible we want to match or come close to what our competition offers for there services bearing in mind our overheads and other costings in order to make a profit at the end of the day.

We are based within Leeds as we felt that it was the most suitable for all of us, we are familiar with the area and there is a wide range of creative opportunities. After looking at multiple places within Leeds we have decided to go with Umbrella creative studios as it is cheap and has more than adequate facilities to suit our needs as a studio.

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