Friday, 29 April 2011

What we do?

Describe your product and or service?

We are a design company that focuses on branding and innovative design. We are comprised of four designers. We are a small but versatile group of designers looking to improve the future for others. We have a wide range of skills between us these being:

Sam: Type, layout/editorial, concept and ideas
Ben: Typeface design, information graphics and logo design
Sean: Screen printing, interactive, hand rendered, layout
Josh: Illustration, logo  and branding

From these skills our main focus as a design studio is:

  • Logo and branding
  • Interactive and informational design
  • Type driven
  • Primarily for both print and digital media
After looking at what we offer as a company I decided to do a SWOT analysis to look for areas we would need to bring in outside help or strengthen.

Wide range of skills for a small design team.
- Flexible and versatile group.
- Fresh creative outlook.

- Limited digital technical knowledge.
- Limited print facilities (although digital prints will be sourced from local printers that we will want to build up and establish contact with.)

Opportunities: (target audience)
- Local community such as up and coming business as well as existing businesses
- Other creatives within and around Umbrella Studios, with potential to satellite for other companies around the local areas.


- Local companies such as elmwood who are a global branding agency that have years of experience and a vast range of big clients.

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