Thursday, 1 December 2011

Visting Professionals- Beautiful Meme

Tom from Beautiful Meme and spoke to us about his experiences and gave an insight into his top 12 tips about copywriting and design.

1. Strongest way to convey an idea is by using words.
2. Easiest way to sell is by using words.
3. Copy and deign are always at war with each other.
4. Hierarchy is everything.
5. People like reading well written copy.
6. Words make your brand human.
7. Simple is clever.
8. Complicated is stupid.
9. Tone of voice is subtle- how you treat the type
10. It's your job to challenge every word.
11 Designers and copyrighters should be partners.
12. Good designers can spell, great designers can write.

Other tips and hints that were picked up from the talk:

- 'The consumer is not a moron she is your wife!'
- Public sector complicate things and want to use the long words.
- Concept is the heart of design- It gives the work meaning

Pitching is all about the rhythm, pace and hierarchy. (build up the anticipation)

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