Monday, 26 October 2009

Alphabet Soup-Final Crit

Partners Name: Rebecca Tipping

Referring the typeface you designed:

Which Personality traits did you choose to respond to and apply to the typeface?
  • Childish
  • Fashion
  • Phone
  • Orange
What are the reasons behind the design decisions you have maid for the typeface?
I wanted to portray Becky as a happy, outgoing person as when interviewing her she came across as that when speaking to me. She said that she liked watching children's TV programs which brought me onto childish, this got me thinking of fridge magnets and stencils that you often get as a child.

In what ways are the results effective?
I am pleased with the outcome to my final solution, although the colour of the letters wasn't as I had anticipated it didn't affect the final design to much. I feel that each letter in my typeface is legible and they all seem to work well together as a set. I feel that it is hard to make out the letters that I have manipulated into objects of fashion from a distance.

Referring to the typeface that has been designed for you:

What personality traits do you interpret from the typeface designed to represent you?
Looking at the typeface designed for me I feel that I cant really interpret any traits that represent me. The typeface expresses one of my favourite subject areas of design but not necessarily me as a person.

Describe what you think of the typeface:
The typeface designed for me is very clear and legible, with a a good use of bold colour. I think that it has been manipulated well to the style of the Bauhaus which is what the universe typeface is based on.

In what ways is it effective, and in what way is it ineffective of representing you?
I think that the typeface that was designed to represent me works well as a typeface, it is based on one of my favourite fonts Univers. I feel that although the typeface works well as a set when it comes to certain words then there could be some issues with how they will visually work together. The typeface doesn't necessarily show who I am as a person but more of what I like.

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