Sunday, 11 October 2009

Alphabet Soup-Progress Crit

Partners Name: Rebecca Tipping

How are the four words selected to represent the typeface being explored?
  • Fashion
  • Orange
  • Phone
  • Childish
Why is the existing typeface that has been selected to manipulate an inappropriate/appropriate choice?
Chalkboard is the typeface that I have selected to manipulate, it is a suitable font because it is bold and rounded. Usually these properties are associated with children, which links into one of the four words I am using to represent Rebecca. As the form of the typeface is bold and rounded the letters will be easy to manipulate.

What are the reasons behind the design decisions you have made for typeface so far?
Through generating initial ideas and concepts I was sketching letters freehand and many of my ideas were based around a bold rounded typeface. I decided to base my choice of font on these characteristics, so I went about looking for a suitable font that I could use and came across Chalkboard. Although having closely looked at the font I can see that it looks very similar to Comic Sans. I have looked into other fonts and another font that I thought would work well would be Porkies as it is based on the alphabet fridge magnets, which you would commonly associate with children.

Other issues raised:
  • Name badge could be produced in different colours, maybe digitalised
  • Could produce a sister font (further experimentation)
Action to be Taken?
  1. Produce each letter form and glyphs on the A1 piece of tracing paper to a high standard
  2. Use the information gathered from the feedback from the group to further experiment on my existing idea
  3. Produce Becky's printed name badge (45mm x 90mm)
  4. Experiment with different colour palettes
  5. Use the remaining time left productively, making sure everything set in the brief is answered correctly

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