Saturday, 3 October 2009

Alphabet Soup Part 1

Chris Anderson evaluated my Compress piece of work and the evidence backing it up and this is what was said:

What is being communicated and how?
The uppercase letters are taking up the majority of the space and forcing the lowercase letters into the edges.

How well does this answer the brief?
Visually you can see how the lowercase letters are more rougher and jagged along the edges to express 'compress'. This shows a well designed layout to communicate the word.

How well has the idea been visually explored?
There are a lot of different initial ideas that would all have a variety of design outcomes. A few first development drawings and computer generated drawings that show a good approach and look into how the final outcome was put together.

What are the strengths of the resolution?
Good set of work that link well together and shows how the idea started.

How could it be improved?
More experimentation with the first ideas and development to give him a choice of styles. Look into different colour palettes.

These were my final 10 letterforms for 'Compress':

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